Benefits of Sports to Jamaica

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Over the years sports have evolved significantly and have been becoming more and more a means of making money. According to Aris (2011) “While sports is a pass time for many, it is an opportunity for young Jamaican athletes to capitalize on getting and good education and command an earning power like no other career can offer in a short period of time”. But otherwise from providing a source of income for athletes, sports also benefit the country which the athletes represent. Sports over the years have been increasing its presence as an economic driving force. The benefits of sports to Jamaica includes things such as increase in tourist visits, increase in the country’s GDP, markets the country and provide jobs. Individuals would want to travel to the country because of its achievements in sports. According to Beckford (2008) “Individuals who travel to a country for sports purposes are known as sports tourist”. Sports tourism is a type of tourism in which tourist travel to a country to participate or watch sporting events. This has been a rapidly growing sector worldwide, and with the recent dominance of the country’s athletes on the stage Jamaica has full advantage of this type of tourism. Jamaica has enough cricket, football, netball and track and field to have a plan in place for sporting events and enough famous persons from the country that people will travel half way around the world to see. Tourist will be interest to see these athletes’ homes, place of origin and where they compete. As a result of more tourist arrivals, the country will earn more foreign exchange and revenue. Tourism is one of the main source of revenue for the country, so the more tourist it gets the more revenue it is likely to make. The country will generate income from sports related sales and services, and also the boost in international trading. This equates to more money flowing into the country. The growth of sports internationally and as a business component has led to the...

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