Benefits of Soy

Topics: Soybean, Soy protein, Nutrition Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: August 10, 2005
David Thai
Benefits of Soy

It is said Soy has many nutritional benefits when it comes to males and females. The many compounds it provides for us are known to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer (web 1). These are just a couple of the main benefits, there are also many other benefits relating to the usage of Soy. For decades, Soy has only been found in health food stores like GNC. Many “normal” food eaters have also laughed at the ones who have a considerable amount of Soy intake. That seems to be changing now since new researches are finding many other nutritional benefits.

So what is Soy and where did it come from? The soybean is a legume, also known as Glycine max. The United States is the largest grower of soybeans (50 percent of the world crop). It is not known in the wild and is believed to have been created through cultivation from Glycine ussuriensis, a wild Asian wine (web 2). The soybean was considered one of five sacred grains (along with rice, barely, wheat and millet). Growing may be intolerable in cold locations since it cannot tolerate frost. But other than that, soybeans can be grown in most soils, plants mature in 75 to 200 days.

A study conducted at the Brighton Medical Clinic in Victoria, Australia showed that women who were given 1-1/2 ounces of soy flour every day for 3 months lowered the occurrence of hot flashes by 40% (web 1). Hot flashes are a symptom that occurs during menopause, over 80% of women experience this. The healing agents in soy are phytoestrogens, which can block the negative effects of natural estrogen. By blocking overproduction of estrogen, which is thought to cause breast tumors, Soy can lower the overall risk of breast cancer.

In the article Nutrition Health Review, they state that men can also benefit from Soy. Much attention has been given to how women can benefit from the healthful properties of soy, but new research reveals that men should incorporate soy into...
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