Benefits of Silence and Harms of the Tongue

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Benefits of Silence and Harms of the Tongue

In the Quran Almighty Allah Say:

“(Zakariyya) Submitted: ‘My Lord, set a sign for me.’ He said: ‘Your sign is that despite good health you shall not be able to speak to the people for three nights (and days)”

There is great benefit in remaining silent which is beyond ones comprehension. In this lecture we will talk less on the benefits of silence but more on the harms of the tongue. As it is said:

“Things are known through their opposites”

If we were to talk about the harms of the tongue only then will be able to truly appreciate the benefits of silence. The tongue is an organ which can lead a person to heaven or it can lead a person to the hell fire. If the tongue is engaged in the remembrance of the Lord the n it will benefit you, but if the tongue is engaged in idle talk then it will destroy you.

Even when Syedah Maryam (may Allah be pleased with her) feared that if she returned to her village people will accuse her because she was not married. Allah (swt) commanded her:

“So eat and drink and cool (your) eyes (with the sight of your lovely baby). Then if you see any man say (to him by gestures): ‘I have vowed a fast (of silence) to the Most Gracious (Lord), so I shall not talk to any human being today”

Sawm means here to refrain from speaking. Al-Imsaak anil kalam From the above verse we can derive that if anyone intends special Divine blessings the one should adopt silence for the sake of Allah. One should remember that three things do not break silence, they are as follows: 1. Remembrance of Allah

2. Teaching
3. Necessity in talking for the sake of din
This is the sole reason why Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) said:

“One who remains silence has gained salvation”

When one speaks many sins are committed, every word we utter is being recorded by the Angels; it will be either be used against us or used in our favour on the day of Judgement.

“Not a word does he utter with the mouth but a watcher is there beside him ready to write”

An incident which comes to mind and is related to this topic is that once Abdullah Ibn Mubarak met a woman who had been left behind by her caravan, and when he spoke to her she would not speak except from the Quran. He asked her: “where are you going?” She replied:

“Holy is He Who took His (most beloved and intimate) Servant in a small portion of night from the Sacred Mosque to al-Aqasa Mosque, who surroundings We have blessed”

The woman was coming from Hajj and heading towards Masjid al-Aqsa. When he helped her mount her horse, her legs showed and she said:

“Direct the believing men to keep their eyes always lowered and guard their private parts” And then he asked her if she was married because he was interested in marrying her, she replied: “O Believers! Do not ask about things, for if they are disclosed to you, they may put you in strain”

The whole journey she spoke from the Quran. When they reached to the caravan she got lost from. He asked: “if she had anyone in there?” She replied:

“Wealth and children are (mere) adornment of the worldly life”

Then he asked: “what is your son’s name?” She replied:

“O Yahya! Hol fast to Our Book”

Then Abdullah Ibn Mubarak (may Allah be pleased with him) asked the people regarding the woman. One of the people in the caravan replied that once she heard a scholar saying that every word that came out of her mouth will be accounted for.

“Not a word does he utter with the mouth but a watcher is there beside him ready to write”

When she heard this verse she made a promise that she will never speak except from the Book of Allah. These were the type of people in this Ummah who possessed such deep fear of Almighty Allah.

There are many traditions pertaining to safeguarding the tongue from indulging in evil. I will quote a few traditions from various books of Hadith, which will shed light on how destructive the tongue...
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