Benefits of reading

Topics: Human rights, Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Reading is important tool for learning. Teaches people about the world around them. It exposed them to ways of life, ideas and beliefs about the world which may be different from those which surround them. Also helps improve your vocabulary, structure your sentences and how to use words and language effectively. It require concentration and determination. Learn about people, places you never been, and events outside your experience can change one’s life. This was true for Malcolm X, Frederick Douglas, and Sherman Alexie.m

Malcolm X was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He decided to drop out of high school after the eighth grade. After dropping out of school he found his self getting in all sorts of trouble. He got sent to jail for burglary. While in jail, he started writing letters to Elijah Muhammad. Muhammad was African American religious leader, led the nation of Islam. While writing a letter to Muhammad, he realized his writing wasn't were it need to be. One of the reasons Muhammad became popular among African Americans was because he taught them to empower themselves. He didn't want to sound ignorant when writing to Muhammad.

He decides to improve his grammar and expand his vocabulary. He made up his mind to teach himself how to read. To study and learn some new words best thing for him to do was get a dictionary. He received pens and papers start copying the dictionary page by page. He read out loud everything that was written down. As time pass by his hand written start to improved and also add more words to vocabulary. Spend most of his time in jail read books. He learn that black people was wipe out of American history. Malcolm decided to pick up different books like Souls of Blacks Folks and Story of Civilization. The more he read his personal views of life change. After his time in prison he became activist, minister, and play major role in civil rights movement. He said spent time in jail gave him time to read and educate his self no longer ignorant...
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