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The fact is the figure as given do not reflect the true figure of the people who are entitled to receive the BR1M RM500 due to the reason that many did not have the chance to apply, to get the forms, and being approved even though had applied for it. The worst case is that many people in the remote area never know about this and some people did not apply even though they are qualified.

Further more the time given was insufficient for them to submit their forms. The approval procedure by the government was until now not really transparent, because some people who are rich and yet been given the BR1M. This makes the people very angry.

KK MP Hiew King Cheu said Sabah definitely should be given more of the BR1M because we have a much larger population and the poorest state in Malaysia. It is of no reason why we are getting a much lower distribution of the BR1M when compared to our nearby state of Sarawak. It is clearly indicated in the figures provided in Parliament recently.

It is factual and evident that the BN is using the people’s money to “buy” the people vote without being charged on abused of power, doing corrupt practices, and it is undisputable. How heavy is the implication on the National Financial Burden of the government in distributing a total sum of RM2,088,211,000 to 4,176,422 people in Malaysia.

The point is whether we can afford this when the country is having national debts up to RM485 Billion or more. No one would against the government giving out money to them, but in the actual fact if the government is doing well financially and without shouldering big debts and every citizen is happy, wealthy and being taken care off, then they are happy to receive the money.

In Malaysia today, we see high poverty rate especially in Sabah, what would be the best for the people? Would the RM500 help a long way, even the BN government wants to give out one more round of RM500? Or is it better for the government to come in to rebuild and boost our economy, to jack up the falling industries, and to improve our agriculture produces?

This is the people’s hope but the BN government is not doing that, because we see for one that our economy is still falling far behind, and we have no food security because our agriculture sector in many ways is still backward and not productive. The worst is that we are still coupled with high poverty rate and bad infrastructures.

The bad performance of the BN government is demonstrating its ill effect, and caused much damage to the lively hood of the people. If the BN administration is allowed to continue to manage Malaysia, we can be sure that the damages will be prolonged and the harm will be bigger. Thus, it is time to allow changes, and to take place to ensure a better future in Malaysia. Vote Pakatan Rakyat for a better Malaysia.

We Need Jobs Not BR1M!
Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has mooted to the government to hand out more cash via the BR1M programme as low-income Malaysians are facing the brunt of global economic slowdown. Is giving out more cash the answer?

The last round the government had forked out almost RM3 billion in direct cash payouts. Did the payouts help the economy? If yes, the government would not have mooted a second one. Ironically, a large number of those who received the RM500 had used the cash aid to clear their household debts. History is bound to happen again and it is scary trying to imagine the seriousness of our household debt situation.

The government should consider longer term solutions such as helping to improve our domestic economic health and to help to stimulate jobs.

Instead of giving out more cash, the government should consider continuing with the New Economic Model reforms mooted by PM Najib when he first succeeded Abdullah Badawi. There's not much being heard about the economic model which proposes reforms of the New Economic Policy which was blamed as a major hindrance to economic growth....
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