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benefits of plants

By Daniel-Kong Kwoi Tat Oct 19, 2014 772 Words
Look outside the windows. What do you see? When you cycle to school, going out for a walk in the park, playing football on the field, did you notice that a certain physical object that is always around us? A green, leafy object. Trees and flowers or generally, they are known as plants.

A very good morning to all! Today, I would like to enlighten everyone in this room about the benefits of plants. Why do you see them everywhere you go? How do they benefit us? Well, the floras are a very crucial object to this planet’s survival and all its living things. However, today, I would like to focus on the benefits if plants towards us, human beings. Plants provide oxygen for us, supply us with materials to be used on our daily life and also help to brighten up out surroundings.

Firstly, let us talk about the role of plants in the carbon cycle. Generally, carbon cycle is the process which maintains the level of oxygen and carbon monoxide in the air. When humans breathe, we take in oxygen, and release carbon dioxide into the surrounding. If this continues for a long period of time, Earth would run out of oxygen and would not be able to support life. Given that, how are we still alive in this single moment? Humans couldn’t possible survive without oxygen! That is where the role of plants come in. basically, the leaves of the plants will take in the carbon dioxide gas from its surrounding and convert it to oxygen gas with the help of light. This process is called photosynthesis. Through this process, the concentration of gases in our air is balanced.

Secondly, plants are also important to us as they provide the material for us to produce our daily objects. The most common object produced from plants is paper. Every day, billions and billions of papers are used by people around the globe, be it to write, to be used as tissue paper, or to act as a standard of value. Other than that, plants also provide us with wood which is important for us to build other objects ranging from something small such as a tiny wooden stool to something gigantic, such a big building. Some buildings use woods to act as a frame in order to keep the building sturdy so that it would not collapse. Besides that, certain specific parts of plants from certain specific plants can be used as medicine. Let us take the ginseng plant as an example shall we? People hardly ever use the leaves of the plants and yet, it can still be fetched at a high price. This is because the roots of the ginseng plants are believed to have certain medicinal value which makes it so valuable. According to recent statistic, 1kg of wild ginseng can have a price ranging from RM2500 to RM4000.

Last but not least, plants provide us with a brighter environment. Imagine if you will, you are sitting in a cubicle at an office where the colour grey is on everything! The walls, the tables and the chairs. The only sound you hear is the faint typing sound of a keyboard from the other cubicles around you. I don’t know about you guys, but if I have to be in an environment like that every day, it would figuratively drive me insane! But now, close your eyes, imagine the grey, dull place again, with the heavy atmosphere pressing down on you, but this time, add a little something to it, a plant, any kind you want. Be it a small cactus, or a flower. The colours from the plant would instantaneously light up its surrounding as if it were by magic! The plant have the ability to lift up the heavy atmosphere and reduce the pressure acting on your mind and thus, brightening up your work activity and also your day.

In conclusion, the benefits of plants towards humans are numerous. More than you or I could count with our fingers and our toes. Sadly, many of us are taking them as granted. Trees are being cut down irresponsibly causing the greenery around us to be severely reduced. If you compare the Earth’s view from space 10 or 20 years ago to todays, you will be surprised! We should help preserve the greenery on Earth either by recycling or by incorporating the plants into our development project. This is to ensure that our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren and many generations to come have the opportunity and the privilege to enjoy the benefits of plants. Thank you.

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