Benefits of Physical Exercise

Topics: Obesity, Weight loss, Exercise Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: February 1, 2014

Speech Title: Physical Exercise- A Key Element in Your Health and Happiness General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: I want to educate my audience on three of the amazing benefits they can experience from regular physical exercise including: Losing excess body fat, increased emotional well-being, and increased strength and endurance.

I. Attention Getter: (question) Can anyone tell me what percentage of adults in the US are overweight? How about how many Americans regularly engage in physical exercise? Well, according to the CDC, 68.8% of adults in the US are over weight! Yet only a mere 1 in 5 actually exercise on a regular basis. II. Statement of Significance: More than two-thirds of our population is considered either obese, or over weight. Yet, statistics show so few of us make physical exercise a regular part of our life. I hope to educate you on some of the undeniable ways that regular physical exercise can improve your life. III. Establish Credibility: I always knew that being active was good for you. But, I really became aware of how amazing the benefits of exercise could be through my own journey of weight loss. Throughout my journey I have spent countless hours researching, reading, and talking to professionals such as physicians, dieticians, and personal trainers. IV. Preview of Main Points: Making physical exercise a regular part of your life is far more important than many people realize. There are numerous benefits to exercise, but today, I hope to educate you about three of the most widely recognized ways in which exercise could change your life which include: Excess fat loss, increased emotional well-being, and increased strength and endurance. Transition: How many of you have attempted to put on your favorite jeans only to realize they just won’t quite button? Yes, Sadly I have experienced this. Which lead me to want to lose the excess body fat. Body

I. Getting rid of excess body fat is the first benefit of regular...

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Visual Aides:
Photographs of myself before and after 90 lbs. weight loss
Model of 5 lbs. of body fat
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