Benefits Of Jogging

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Write an articles for Health Magazine entitled, “Benefits of Jogging”. Introduction
1. Considered as one of the excellent exercise认为是一个优秀的运动 2. Forms aerobic exercises有氧运动形式
3. Done independently without anyone’s help没有任何人的帮助下独立完成

Efficient Exercise
1. Efficient form of exercise有效的锻炼形式
2. Burn up more calories燃烧掉更多的卡路里
3. Uses great deal of oxygen使用大量的氧气
Losing weight
1. Digestive system speed消化系统速度
2. Helps in burning fat有助于燃烧脂肪
3. Assisting in losing weight减肥协助
Stay healthy
1. Jogging perks up appetite慢跑津贴食欲增强
2. Fortifies and strengthens the muscles and bones of abdomen, back and legs,增强肌肉和骨骼的腹部,背部和腿部 3. Facilitates good and sound sleep促进良好的健康睡眠 Decreases illness
1. Keeps one more bouncy and resourceful, as it improves stamina and resilience保留一份更有弹性和应变能力强,因为它可以提高耐力和韧性 2. Decreases the chances of osteoporosis减少骨质疏松症的几率 3. Blood is circulated well in the entire body血液循环在整个身体 Suitable for everyone

1. Jogging is popular among everyone慢跑是受大家的欢迎 2. Possess no unusual skills具备没有不寻常的技巧
3. Suitable for any age group and all level. 适合于任何年龄段和所有的水平

1. Can be done in a number of ways可以通过多种方式
2. Explore new vistas of nature探索新的自然的景色
Teacher definitely believes that you all will make a turn over for yourselves. Mr. Woo Article – Benefits of Jogging
Jogging is considered as one of the excellent exercise and has tremendous benefits. It is also considered as one of the forms of aerobic exercises that can be done independently without anyone’s help. 跑步被认为是一个优秀的运动和有巨大的好处。它也被认为是一个形式的有氧运动,可以独立完成没有任何人的帮助。

Jogging is one of the most efficient forms of exercise. When we are jogging, we burn more calories. Jogging uses a great deal of oxygen and works the heart harder. This helps in staying healthy. 慢跑是最有效的运动形式之一。当我们慢跑,我们燃烧更多的卡路里。慢跑使用大量的氧气和心脏工作更加困难。这有助于保持健康。

Jogging is also popular among everyone. It is because jogging is an ongoing activity that does not acquire us to possess any usual skills or specific co-ordination. It is...
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