Benefits of Ip Cameras

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Benefits of Network video surveillance

What is an Analog Video Security System?
Cameras on a modern analog CCTV system send their video over co-axil cabling back to a digital video recorder (DVR). Most modern DVRs are a network device, and as such can be accessed remotely from the LAN, or with the proper configuration, from across a WAN or the internet. Video is kept on hard drives, typically on a FIFO basis so there is always a rolling video archive of the past X number of days.
What is an IP Video Security System?
IP video cameras broadcast their video as a digital stream over an IP network. Like an analog system, video is recorded on hard drives, but since the video is an IP stream straight from the camera, there is more flexibility as to how and where that video is recorded. The DVR is replaced with an NVR (network video recorder), which in some cases is just software since it doesn't need to convert analog to digital. Video footage can then be stored on new or existing network RAID drives as directed by the NVR software.
What is a Hybrid Video Security System?
Hybrid CCTV systems combine IP and analog video, and can be a great way to transition an analog system to IP without needing to replace all of the existing cameras. Many NVR boxes on the market today are actually Hybrids in that they accept Analog cameras and IP cameras and combine them onto a single platform for the user.
Why Choose an IP System?
The digital, network video surveillance system provides a host of benefits and advanced functionalities that cannot be provided by an analog video surveillance system. The advantages include remote accessibility, high image quality, event management and intelligent video capabilities, easy integration possibilities and better scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
Remote accessibility
Network cameras and video encoders can be configured and accessed remotely, enabling multiple, authorized users to view live and recorded video at any

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