Benefits of Homework

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Most kids don't love doing homework, but it provides many benefits that will linger long after the lesson is learned. GLENDA FAYE PRYOR-JOHNSON
The Basics
Your child is gaining several simple skills each time she sits down to do work at home. All four will help her as she matures.  Responsibility. The homework assignment is your child’s responsibility (not yours). When students assume responsibility for their homework and complete an assignment, it is only then that they learn to be accountable for their actions.  Time management. Students complete their assignments or projects on time when they are organized. Turning the project in on time has it advantages because points are not deducted and your child won’t suffer consequences. Perseverance. Homework teaches kids how to deal with adversity. Your child can take pride in finishing an assignment regardless of difficulties or problems. Self-esteem. Completing homework in a timely manner will help your child develop trust and self-confidence. The inspiration to work harder on the next project occurs when kids feel good about their accomplishments.  Purpose| Benefits|

Practice| Gives each student an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of skills taught in class; to increase speed, mastery and maintenance of skills.| Preparation| Ensures that students are ready for classes and that activities and assignments are complete as necessary.| Participation| Increases each student’s individual involvement in applying specific skills and knowledge while enjoying learning.| Personal Development| Builds student responsibility, perseverance, time management, self-confidence and feelings of accomplishment; develops and recognizes students’ diverse talents and skills that may not be taught in school.| Parent-Child Relations| Establishes communication between parent and child on the importance of schoolwork and the application of school skills in real-life situations and experiences.| Parent-Teacher...
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