Benefits of Early Education

Topics: Preschool education Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Benefits of Early Education

I think that early education is very important both for children and the society and play is the primary way of learning for pre school kids.
Child's play has been observed and studied and recognized as important tool for adult life. The theorists agreed that from the time a child is two years old play, communication and social development set the foundations for their future. The toddler years impact adults in both positive and negative ways. I believe young children can benefit educationally when engaged in activities that are of interest to them. If educational material is planned and designed correctly it should benefit child academically. interesting and engaging in order to foster child's. Playing with other children also expends a child's understanding of himself and others.. along with knowledge it gives children self confidence , sense of belonging and responsibility. If child is growing up in a home where parents are unable or unwilling to dedicate the time, or uneducated and unappreciative of education in general, preschool education will definitely make a difference. the practices which the child is exposed to influence the values, norms and belief even in later life . The most important study that was done on the early education and it's ongoing and later impact on a person and a society is called Perry Preschool Project. This study is to find out the extent to which early education affects the later life. Perry Preschool Project provided high-quality education to randomly chosen 3 and 4 ear olds from high risk community, and were tracked until age 40. Those assigned to high-quality early learning program were more likely to have high school diplomas, jobs and higher earnings than their peers. The study also found that participants committed fewer crimes than those who never enrolled in the program. Another major study regarding the importance of early education, The Abecedarian Project involved kids as...
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