Benefits of Computer Gaming

Topics: Video game, Electronic game, Personal computer game Pages: 4 (663 words) Published: July 9, 2013
Table of Contents

Title Page
Chapter I. Introduction
Background of Library Research
Statement of the Problem
Significant of Library Search
Scope and Limitation
Definition of Terms
Chapter II. Discussion
I. Definition of Computer Gaming
II. Reasons why people play computer games
a. Entertainment and fun
b. Camaraderie and Connectedness
c. Emotional Satisfaction
d. Escapism
e. Practice or learn life skills
f. Challenge
g. Visible Rewards and feeling of achievement

III. Benefits of playing computer games
A. Mental Skill development
B. Social Skill development
C. Reading and Comprehension Skills development
IV. Learning Components of Computer gaming
A. Problem Component
a.1. Logical Situation
a.2. Problem Solving
a.3. Multitasking events
B. Social Applications
b.1. Need of party /guild
b.2. Chat capability
C. Reading and Comprehension Skill Necessity Component
c.1. Following instructions and directions
c.2. Vocabularies
Chapter III. Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation

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Benefits of Computer Gaming

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Chapter 1
In the beginning computers were created only as a means to make life easy for government and private organizations. Modernization of living has a great impact to mankind, specifically in the field of technology that introduces people to this computer age because of its many benefits that makes the lives of people better and helps them do work a lot better and faster. With the computers available in the early stages playing games using a computer was not even thought of.

Video games or computer games can best be defined as an...
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