Benefits of Animal Testing

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, Testing cosmetics on animals Pages: 6 (2062 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Animal testing is the right thing to do

“Animal testing is a type of research that has been going on for hundreds of years dating back to the ancient Greeks. It is used in many different ways, but mainly to prevent harm from being brought upon humans” (Hamblin 1). There have been long controversies between animal rights, and pros on animal testing, and the issue is growing more and more as our science develop more and better. Those who oppose on animal testing argues, that animal treatment is extremely inhumane, or animals have rights like human have rights of their own, and there are some economic matters, which is that animal experiments are high in cost. The arguments from animal rights group are reasonable, but there are some important issues that most of the people should not forget about, and which is the fact, the real world, that has been developed over time. Animal practices, or animal experiments must be on action, for its benefits to human and other animals.

Stepping aside all the inhumane acts, and cruelty of treatment of animals, animal testing is extremely beneficial to human and other animals, throughout the years. It has been helpful in many areas such as medications, cosmetics, household products and even in pure researches. That is the fact. Heaven Stubblefield in Medical Science stated that “all the amazing breakthroughs that have already come from animal testing research such as organ transplant and open-heart surgery techniques; life saving drugs; effective insulin and cancer treatments; and vaccines for deadly diseases like polio, rabies, rubella, and tuberculosis. Animal testing also benefits the lives of animals such as the heartworm medicine that has saved many dogs lives” (1). This the fact that people should focus on. All the benefits from animal testing, is incredible. Animal testing helps to improve the development of medication. “Many medical treatments have been made possible by animal testing, including cancer and HIV drugs, insulin, antibiotics, vaccines and many more.” People from animal rights argue that there are substitute for the animals, something other than them. Answer to that is, maybe but not fully. Nothing can compare animals to be the closest to human from all other living things. Their cells, or the structures of the body, are the most similar. Think about chimpanzees. Scientists say the animal chimpanzees have 98.5% equal in DNA that of human. It is that much identical. Thinking another way is about medical experiment. Researchers developed a new medicine, and they have to test it. Generally substitute for a animal will be either human itself or plants. Testing non proved medication on another human being? Or testing a medication that only occurs in mammal type figures on a plant? All is a true nonsense. Heaven Stubblefield also argues that “Animal testing is the most accurate way to learn the effects of substances in a living body. Using cell cultures can only reveal side effects on a molecular level and cannot unfortunately, reveal side effects like organ failure, rashes, tumors, or cardiac arrest like animal testing can. Using computer models cannot always predict unknown variables that can be discovered with animal testing. Animals may not have the exact same philology as humans but animal testing is accurate enough to test whether a substance is even safe enough for human trials” (1). To get the best result in medication research, only way is to test on animals, and it is important to keep practice animal experiments, for human to survive and live better.

Not only in medical research, but animal testing is in progress in cosmetics also. Since there were, and still have serious debates over the issue on using animal testing on cosmetics, many companies are using alternative ways other than testing on animals. Also, FDA doesn’t allow animal testing on most of the cosmetics but they allow some animal testing on medical skin and eye care...
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