Benefits Marks & Spencer Derives from Ec

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Marks and Spencer is one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom. In 1999, Marks and Spencer suffered from an economic slow down. As a result of this economic slow down Marks and Spencer presented several initiatives. They included, Security

Warehouse Management
Merchandise Receiving
Inventory Control
Speeding up the supply of fashion garments
Collaborative Commerce
There are lots of benefits Marks and Spencer derives from E-commerce. These benefits we can categorise into three. Benefits to Company
Benefits to Consumer
Benefits to Society

Benefits to company, they includes.
Global Reach
Cost Reduction
Supply Chain Improvements
Extend hours of service availability to customer
Efficient Procurement
Improve Customer Relationship
Up-to-date stock availability in company

Benefits to Consumer
Instant Delivery
Information Availability
Cost Reduction
Benefits to Society
Higher Standard of Living

Global Reach

Like other companies in United Kingdom, Marks and Spencer also sell their products to the customers through online. The Internet has emerged as a major worldwide distribution channel for goods and services. Expanding the communication framework to the internet, Marks & Spencer was able to bring their customers into value chain. If a United Kingdom customer orders their product through online, they will receive their relevant product within one day. The online shoppers are instructed to provide the Universal Product Code (UPC) of the relevant product, and then the company will provide the product to the customer as they seen in the physical store at a lower price. Through this technique the company reached the global market very quickly. Marks & Spencer reach more people rapidly and allow direct marketing facility through internet.

Cost Reduction

Also through automated inventory process the company was able to reduce the cost of centralized...
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