Benefits Election System SR

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Service Request SR-HT-001 Huffman Trucking
January 29, 2014
Service Request SR-HT-001 Huffman Trucking
The purpose of this service request is to address identify and address the concerns that Huffman Trucking may incur if implementing a Benefits Election System. K. Huffman started Huffman Trucking in 1936 in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Although the company started out with only one tractor-trailer it has grown considerably over the years. The need for more carrier services caused by World War II made Huffman Trucking a necessity and the company prospered as a result. Huffman Trucking became one of the major carriers to the ports on the East Coast and the Midwestern states. The company and the federal government have a relationship that is the result of the business that was conducted during the war. The company grew in numbers to 36 trailers and 16 tractors by the 1945. The growth of the company continued over the years resulting in the attainment of five carriers out of the eastern region. This type of growth has made it possible for Huffman Trucking to remain privately owned. Benefits Election System

The tremendous success that the company has experienced over the years has made it necessary for the company to look at other benefits to its employees. Therefore, the company has chosen to implement a Benefits Election System “BES”. The main focus of the BES is to provide employees with a means of tracking and reporting their employee benefits. The union and non-union employees will be able to benefit from the BES. The company wants to create a design in Microsoft Project capable of managing, tracking, and reporting the progression of the BES software development. Huffman Trucking has provided a $10,000 budget to cover the expenses that may be incurred for the duration of the project. This goal of developing a benefits election system can be achieved by defining the problem, detailed analysis of the system condition,...
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