Benefits and Disadvantages of Long Distance Leaning

Topics: Soldier, Motivation, Education Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Benefits and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

There are many benefits and disadvantages to taking a long distance course such as this one. This method of learning can give the student a lot of time to work on the assignment, but if the student has an occupation that requires a lot of time, it would be the same if not more difficult as being in a regular class environment. Taking a long distance course would pertain more to a person with my occupation. I’m in the military. The military life can be crucial sometimes, especially very time consuming. Long distance courses gives the soldier a chance to learn and excel academically while dealing with the everyday military life. This method of learning does not just benefit the military personnel. It can also benefit people with disabilities. There are always disadvantages to distance learning. Students that are not responsible and determined will have a hard time coping with a self paced, self-sufficient course. Students that actually want more reliable help with their class work would rather take a college course at an actual college rather than taking an online course. Personally, I would prefer to go to a real college rather than to take an online course as I am now. Sometimes, I get a little exhausted dealing with the military life that I procrastinate a lot. The student must be motivated and determined enough to complete each assignment, if not, then instead of gaining success in this method of study there will only be failure. In conclusion, it all depends on the students situation and the students preference towards learning. A military personnel can take a distance course and would still prefer being in a...
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