Benefits and cost

Topics: Health, Cheque, Weight loss Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: July 23, 2014
Benefits to a wristwatch would include convenience. It allows you to tell the time with just the raise of a wrist and without having to dig your cell phone out of a pocket or purse. Attractiveness, make sure it is appealing to look at. Accuracy is very important. No one wants to be late. Durability is also very important; watches are right out there at the end of your arm and need to be able to withstand some punishment. Costs would be just the opposite of several of these, but would also include lack of a good warranty, or not being able to find a place that can service the time-piece. (“Top Reasons You Want A Nice Watch”, A. Adams, 2011.) A weight loss diet can boost self-esteem, energy levels, desirability to those you wish to attract. Good health, though. Is the greatest benefit of a weight loss diet. Costs could be the difficulty level of being able to stick with the diet. Losing weight improperly can cause health issues; if the weight loss diet you have to offer is unhealthy this can be a cost. High prices of weight loss can be prohibitive. (“Lose Weight, Gain Tons of Benefits”, K. Zelman, n.d.) Things that could be beneficial to a cruise would be location. Everyone likes to go to beautiful places. Nice accommodation and service areas on board the ship are a must. Other important things can be safety, atmosphere, variety of activities, and areas to relax. Costs could be the expensiveness of the cruise, sea sickness, and boredom. (“The Pros and Cons of Cruise Travel”, A. Powers, 2012) For a new checking account at a bank, the benefits could be ease of deposits, such as online deposits by way of device apps. Being able to cancel checks easily is important. The availability of accessing your cash easily is very important. Free ATM and debit cards, and the availability of paperless electronic statements can also be beneficial. Costs would include high bounced check fees, annual account fees, and the fact that many businesses are moving away from even accepting...
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