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Blue Rose Keller Graduate School of Management July 14, 2013

Blue Rose Benefit Plan
Company Profile
Company Name
Blue Rose

Government CB Vendor ID

31, Maple Road, Carson City, Virginia, USA

Phone Number
123, Sample Rd, Carson City, Virginia, USA
(703) 123-4567

Fax Number
123, Sample Rd, Carson City, Virginia, USA
(703) 123-4567

Website Year Established

Business Type
8 (a) Program Certified Small Business

[631622] Computer programming services

Email ID

Blue Rose is a software company involved in designing mobile applications and online games. There are 40 software engineers and 10 support staff working in the company. The company owns its own building and has been earning a consistent profit. Blue Rose is an expert in designing cutting edge games which simulate real time combat sequences, driving and virtual worlds. The company is planning to start a hardware department this year. Blue Rose 's apps and games are rated among the top 10 apps and the most downloaded games list in the internet.
Net Worth

$ 1,700,000

$ 850,000
Fiscal Year End

SIC Industry Classification
6897 – Office of the company, NEC

Key Competitors
Rovio, Mekens (Other Game designing and app development Companies)

CEO & Chairman

Claire Philips
Vice Chairman
Joseph McKenzie
Vice President

John Milton
Current Benefit Plan
All employees aged 21 are eligible to get the basic benefits of Blue Rose software company. They should have completed 1000 hours of service with the company which usually occurs around one year after joining the company to be eligible for the benefits. The basic benefit plan of Blue Rose includes Retirement plans and Life Insurance plans. Senior engineers and the management staff get paid vacations and sick leave. All

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