Benefit of Unions

Topics: Employment, Collective bargaining, Trade union Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Unions are designed to protects the rights of the workers. People have been coming together since the 1800s to improve employees working conditions and rights. The first labor unions was put together in 1820s due to grueling working conditions. It was expected by the people to work 12 hour days. People banded together to reduce the hours from 12 to a more manageable 10. It is evident the unions were put together for the people to benefit and will continue to strive for their rights. Workers who are part of a union are more informed and they are more likely to benefit from social insurance programs such as unemployment insurance and workers compensation.

Unions act as the voice and protector of the workers. In additions to the benefits of Employees higher wages, better benefits, and workplace protection, Unions also help workers by providing collective bargaining, arbitrating disputes and developing fair and equitable working conditions on behalf of the employee. The collective bargaining service provided by unions is a representation by the union or the workers’ interest during negotiations with the employers. Before unions, employers could force workers to work long hours without breaks or work overtime without pay. Over the years, through collective bargaining, Unions have ensured that workers got paid for overtime, got proper breaks such as lunch and coffee breaks and enjoyed good/safe working conditions. During collective bargaining, the union representative will sit down with the employer and reach an agreement on fair and equitable treatment for all union members. The collective bargaining session can be for wages, benefits, hours and conditions of employment or anything that would benefit the worker. Once the agreement has been reached, it’s good for a few years, at which time the agreement is reviewed and amended as necessary. Collective bargaining is a terrific benefit because workers do not have to negotiate on their own behalf....
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