Benefit of Delegation

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Benefit of delegation

Delegation is act of passing authority or power, but not ultimate responsibility, to another person. The benefits of delegation include:

1. It enable organization to react to changes in market conditions in a more flexible manner 2. Enable decision to be taken nearer in the point of impact whereby on time in decision-making 3. It encourages managers to accept and understand the concept of responsibility within the decision-making process 4. It promote participative management and empowerment

5. Contributes to motivation and improving staff morale
6. Subordinates have more confidence in their managers if their managers can show that they have confidence in them by delegating tasks 7. To release the managers from less important tasks in order to concentrate on more important duties 8. It can assists training of subordinates and prepare them for the next stage in their managerial career

Restriction to delegation
There are a number of practical factors which may serve to restrict the number and range of tasks which may be delegation. These include: 1. The knowledge and experience of the manager ( delegation is, in itself, a management skill) 2. The knowledge and experience of the subordinate ( it might not be possible, even for the experienced and able manager, to delegate certain tasks if their subordinate lack the necessary knowledge and skills) 3. The level of risks involved to the organization if the delegate tasks is not performance in the acceptable standards 4. The level of risks involved to the individual manager (individual performance target related to pay may result in a manager choosing to complete all tasks themselves 5. The subordinate may consider that the resources allocated to undertake the delegated task are insufficient

Principle of effective delegation
The following is principle should be adopted in order to ensure that the benefits of delegation are maximized:

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