Topics: Monastery, Benedict of Nursia, Christianity Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: October 13, 2013

1. Who is St. Benedict and how did he affect or influence the history of Christianity? Saint Benedict, a man able to read consciences, prophesy the future, and to forestall the attacks of the devil, was born at Nursia in Sabina, Italy. Settling finally on Monte Cassino, he and his followers erected the monastery he was to make famous. There he wrote his Rule, which became the norm for all Western monks. Saint Benedict was a Saint from Italy. He was the founder of Western Christian monasticism. His main achievement was his rule containing precepts for his monks. St. Benedict has influenced the practice of Christianity in Anglicanism as much as anyone saint, thinker, or writer that I know of.  In honor of that tremendous contribution, Benedict had the holiness and the ability to take this step. His beliefs and instructions on religious lifewere collected in what is now known as the Rule of Saint Benedict -- still directing religious life after 15 centuries. The Rule of St. Benedict, with its emphasis on how to live a Christocentric life is a spiritual model for every Christian. Its emphasis on obedience and humility is not only a Christian virtue, but is also the requirement for Jesus' followers. There is the sense of community for which Cincinnati is exemplary. Indeed, this transcends the Christian community and includes the Jewish, Asian and business communities. The second is the model of moderation and charity, in spirit and in action, which is also a Cincinnati asset.

2. How did the events of his life change his personality, faith and relationship with God? St. Benedict was inspired by God to found the Monastic life that is known to the Western world to this day.  Many orders of St. Benedict are alive and well today.  He was drawn to be a hermit, and focus solely on God, but spent his life serving others by founding monastic life.  He knew that he must not follow what “he” wanted to do with his life, but rather follow God – and do what He was asking of...
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