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Bend It Like Beckham

By Jessica98310 Jan 24, 2011 509 Words
What you want versus family expectations are common though out most family households. In the movie 'Bend it like Beckham' we saw the conflict between Jess and her parents on how they feel and what they want for her, how Jess sees the situation, and how it is resolved.

Mr. Bhamra, Jess's father is worried about Jess playing soccer in fear she will get hurt like he did when he wanted to play fastball, he was discriminated because of the way he looked. He wasn't allowed to play on any of the teams. Mr. Bhamra is frighten that she will be disappointed “I don't want you to build up Jesminder's hopes. She will only end up disappointed like me.” Mrs. Bhamra, Jess's mother seems more distraught on the whole soccer situation. She feels that Jess shouldn't play soccer at all but, should spend more time learning how to make full Punjabi dinner, something from her culture her mother wants her to learn. She wants Jess to immerse herself in her own culture. “You bring shame to society!” is how her mother put it because when Jess plays soccer in her uniform, the uniform exposes her legs which is against her cultural beliefs.

Jess loves playing soccer but also loves her parents. She tries to meet her mother and father's needs so they will not be disappointed in her, so she keeps her whole soccer life under wraps for quite a while till her parents find out. “But playing for the team is an honor.” Jess said defending herself trying to express how feels about soccer but, is shot down. Jess is determined to play and she keeps playing behind their backs till she gets caught once more. This time she can't do anything about it because the scout match is on the day of her sisters wedding. Making her feel helpless about the situation.

Although in the end they come to solve the problem. Her father agreed to let her play “If this is the only way to see you smile on your sisters wedding day then go now.” After Jess won her soccer match she returned to the wedding. After the wedding Jess sets her feeling free, opening it up to her family instead of lying to herself and them. Explaining the way she feels. “I really want to go! If I can't tell you what I want now, then I will never be happy whatever I do!” Her mother argues back and her father defends her “I don't think anyone has the right in stopping her.” After his speech, the mother realized that, whats more important is, Jess is happy. As Mrs. Bhamra “ At least I taught her full Indian dinner. The rest is up to her.”

The Conflict between parent and child was clear in this movie. What Jess desires and what her parents assume is best for her. All in all they come to an agreement, and Jess is able to play soccer professionally.

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