Bend it like Beckham

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Culture Conflict Essay
Bend It Like Beckham
All cultures have different ways of showing respect and how there life is. In Bend it Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha shows us the Indian life with the character Jessminda. Jessminda’s dreams are more important than her culture so she does not want to be the typical traditional Indian girl her parents want her to be; it sets the tone of depressed, troubled, and motivated.

Jessminda changes throughout the story. At first she is really depressed because she wants to play soccer but her parents won’t let her. The reason why they won’t let her is because her culture is against her playing a boy sport that shows body parts her culture is against showing. The author shows us the tone of depressed by having Jessminda act sad and rude towards her parents. Also he shows the tone of depressed by having calm sentimental music playing. For example, ff she follows her culture her parents will be happy and she will have to give up scholarships that she could have. If she plays soccer her parents will be mad at her but she will get what she’s been wanting. Then her best friend, Jules stops talking to her because she sees Jess kiss there soccer coach, Joe. The reason her friend got mad is because Jess knew Jules and there soccer coach. The author uses this fight with her friend to show more depression that Jessminda is going through. He shows by putting them together and have them argue and he angles the camera close up to show their emotions as there talking. Culture is a big part of our lives but do we always follow it or would we rather follow our dreams?

Jess starts to become daring which makes her start getting in trouble. She does what she has to just so she can play in soccer games. For example her parents and sister leave but she acts like she is sick so she doesn’t have to go with them but once they leave she goes to play in a soccer game but her dad had to go back to the house and finds out...
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