Benchmark Port of Rotterdam

Topics: Containerization, Cargo, Container ship Pages: 44 (15640 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Research Analysis The Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Durban

Gerard de Vries & Eder Mufunko


1.1 Introduction4
1.2 Facts and Figures5
2.1 Description type of goods port of Rotterdam8
2.1 Description type of goods port of Durban12
3.1 Daily Routine in the Port of Rotterdam14
3.2 Daily routine in the Port of Durban20
4. Economic analysis of the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Durban23
5. Analysis of all important actors27
6. Safety and Environment39
7. Globalization and Supply chain management44
8. Conclusion50

1.1 Introduction

The subject of this report is the comparison of The Port of Rotterdam and The Port of Durban. The analysis is multi dimensional . The reason for choosing The Port of Durban, is because Durban is one of South Africa’s modern port. If u take a look to all the ports in Africa it is clear that the ports of South Africa are modern and have a geographical advance with other African ports. The report has been written in command of the differentiation minor Seaport management. Seaports play a major role in the economy of a country and a vital role in the supply chain management and the necessary attention. The report is divided into different chapters. Chapter one will give an overview of facts and figures of both ports. In chapter two a description of the type cargo and commodities will be given. In chapter three a description of the daily routine will be given. Chapter four analyses the economic impact of the ports. Chapter five all important actors and their co-relation will be analyzed. In chapter seven an analysis of the impact of globalization will be done and finally a conclusion will be drawn in chapter eight.

1.3 Facts and Figures

To get a good view of the differences between the port of Rotterdam and the port of Durban, one has to compare the facts and figures. In this chapter facts and figures on the size of the port, the hinterland and statistics such as the throughput of the cargo will further be described. Port size

The port of Rotterdam has now five operational areas , the sixth area (Maasvlakte 2) will be operational in 2013. The port has a total size of 10.500 Ha and is also listed as number 10 on the world’s largest harbors. The port stretches out over 40 kilometers. When the Maasvlakte 2 is fully operational, the harbor will extend itself with another 1000 Ha. Rotterdam is listed as the 10th largest port based on the amount of twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU’s) handled during 2009. However, the port of Rotterdam ranks as 3rd in the world when it comes to metric tons handled. During 2009 the amount of metric tons of cargo handled was close to 386,957.

The total size of the Durban harbour is 1854 Ha. The distance around the port is 21 kilometers. Durban is the 41st largest port based on the amount of TEU’s which is around 2,523,105. Durban handled 37,419 metric tons during 2009. Making it the 100 largest port in the world based on the total cargo volume. Statistics

The port of Rotterdam handles an annual cargo of 430 million tons, 62 percent of that tonnage is liquid bulk such as oil, the other 28 percent is dry bulk. Durban:

The port of Durban handles an annual cargo of 31.4 million tons.



The large hinterland made the port of Rotterdam a successful port. First of all 150 million consumers live within the 500 kilometers of the hinterland. The port of Rotterdam serves a total of 500 consumers all over Europe. The buying power of those consumers represent 600 billion dollars. The most important client for the port of Rotterdam is Germany. Germany imports annually goods worth of 72 billion dollars. The relationship between Germany and the Netherlands is important for the economy of both nations, that is why the Dutch built a train connection just for cargo, which is called the...
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