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Ben & Jerry’s: Preserving Mission and Brand within

Hemanth M
Elisa Vanzu
You Qin Qin
Fayas Faro

“We can build a ice cream plant at 1/3rd of the cost you built yours what we cant do is build a premium brand which is what you did”

Strengths: Product quality


 Innovation
 Brand
 Sensible to Nature
 Social Mission

Opportunities: Good topline but bad bottom line – Financial situation  Ineffective operational efficiencies
 Organizational structure can be improved
 Strong growth potential in US and abroad

How did they handle acquisition
Pre- Acquisition
 Leave the brand name, image and social mission.
 Condition of employ contract: 2 years minimum
 Contribution to the foundation
 25% cash money for acquisition

After Acquisition
 Organization process
 Retaining most of the top executive
 Giving incentive while laying off employees
 Financial Transparency
 CEO working in the place and not from head quarters.

Yola’s Action

 Communication to employees
management feelings




 Operating in premium range, brand building would be
the best thing to have loyal customer
 So taking a stance is very important to maintain the
brand image
 Given operation effectiveness is achieved so its time to move on to the roots that separate the company from
 Achieve the informal company that gave rise to
innovation and freedom

I took quite a big cut to come to Ben & Jerry’s, and I came because I had been working in corporate for years and I am sick of it. I wanted to see what was different , and it was very very very different

Is Ben and
Jerry’s still a


In March 2009, "CyClone Dairy"[16] launched an
advertising campaign and a website to promote its milk products, which purportedly came exclusively from cloned cows.[17] On April 1, 2009 (April Fool's Day), Ben & Jerry's announced that it was behind this fake company. Ben & Jerry's had created the tongue-in-cheek hoax to raise awareness of the increasing presence of products from cloned animals within American food,[18][19] and to campaign for a tracking system of cloned-animal products.[20] The hoax was revealed on April Fool's Day with the message: "We believe you should have the right to choose which foods you eat – and not to eat cloned foods if you don’t want to. And that's why Ben & Jerry’s believes we need a national clone tracking system, so people and companies can know where their food is coming from."[21]


 Still stuck to the social Mission and also the product
mission shows the example – Low sugar
 Also many new initiative were started to make it more
eco friendly, also many developments were brought in
to show employee voice See the video

BEN & Jerry's

“Looking forward to questions”



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