Ben & Jerry

Topics: Ben & Jerry's, Ice cream, Marketing Pages: 4 (597 words) Published: May 25, 2011


“Ben & Jerry’s, to know it is to love it”.
“I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream.”

----------- -By Laura Teacher, Sara
Matharu, Sara Butler and Aman Johal

This marketing project investigates the marketing of Ben and Jerry ice cream in the UK.

Ben and Jerry have a difficult job to do because they have competitors –Haagen

Daaz, who have a 44% share of the one and a quarter billion pound UK ice cream

market, compared to Ben and Jerry’s share of 36%, Carte d’Or – who want to

increase their market share through continuous TV advertising, Wall’s – the UK’s

national ice cream company who don’t want the foreign competition to take away all

their customers, and the smaller niche market companies like Green and Black, and

Thornton’s, both known as excellent manufacturers of chocolate products.


To help them achieve their marketing objectives, Ben and Jerry have published their

mission statement, which is "to make, distribute, and sell the finest quality all natural

ice cream while incorporating wholesome, natural ingredients and promoting

business practices that respect the earth and the environment"

That is why B&J’s is so successful. They are not just selling ice cream, They are not

only just selling the product of ice cream but also they are popularizing the

importance of protecting the global environment. For example, they think that

global warming threatens our very existence. Therefore, all of their freezers now

won’t contribute to global warming nor the deterioration of the earth’s ozone layer,

and also, years ago, they established the Lick Global Warming campaign: teach

people learn how to reduce their own CO2 emissions and to pressure Congress to

take action against global warming. In 2006, they are also begun sourcing their new

containers from a paper supplier that has strong track record in sustainable forestry...
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