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Topics: Population density, Marketing, Psychographic Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: November 29, 2014
3.0 Target Market Profile
3.1. Geographic Segment
Geographical segment is a segment of the state geographical characteristics that are divided into sections such as by climate, city, population density, sex, occupation, etc. Singapore is a country which has the second rank smallest country in the world that has a high population density are scattered in various locations. Singapore is also a tropical country that has two seasons that is rainy and dry season. This factor is very precise with the Ben & Jerry's ice cream, when the dry season arrives, the customer would prefer to eat ice cream to refresh. Ben & Jerry's ice cream also has several counters located in various malls and scattered in different areas such as in The Cathay, Vivo City Mall, Raffles City Mall, etc. And the other main thing is if consumers are lazy to going to the mall, Ben&Jerry’s ice cream can also be easily bought in supermarkets such as FairPrice ntuc, 7eleven, etc. With identification of a population density spread it will very easy and can allow for consumers to get Ben & Jerry's ice cream. 3.2. Demographical Segment

Demographic segmentation is the segmentation of the market divided by the difference in the different groups of customers in terms of the need to determine the appropriate promotion. Target Market at Ben & Jerry's ice cream is Generation Y who is 10-21 years of age (Kotler, 2008, 194). Most of Generation Y has not had a job and a steady income, but this generation considerable role in influencing people those around them, especially their parents so that they can buy and consume the ice cream that they want with the money given by their parents or revenue at the intermediate level for those who already have a job. Whereas gender targets on Ben&Jerry's ice cream is a woman because women prefer the sweet taste of foods compared with men, the second factor is for women value factor is very important when she wants to buy a food product. Logo, Packaging, Quality,...
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