ben franklin vs sam adams

Topics: American Revolution, United States Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: October 31, 2013
Ben Franklin vs. Sam Adams
Benjamin Franklin and Sam Adams both contributed a great amount to the American Revolution, but who was more important? Well, personally, I believe that Sam Adams contributed just a little more than Franklin. Though Franklin did a lot, Adams did more for the country of America as a whole.

During the Revolutionary War, Ben Franklin became Pennsylvania's representative to the Second Continental Congress. He was one of the five members that drafted the Declaration of Independence. While Thomas Jefferson was the main author, Ben did make some changes and had an influence on the final draft. One of his key roles in the Revolutionary War was as Ambassador to France. He helped to secure the Treaty of Paris, which got the French army on the side of the Americans and helped to turn the tide of the war. Franklin also took part in the Constitutional Convention and is the only Founding Father to sign all four major documents in the founding of the United States. These include the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Treaty of Paris, and the Treaty of Alliance with France. Though Franklin did all of this and helped greatly with the American Revolution, I still believe Samuel Adams to be more important.

When the British government passed the Stamp Act of 1765, Adams, became angry that the king would tax the colonies without offering them representation in the government. He began to organize protests against the king and the taxes. He formed a group of patriots called the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty became an influential group in organizing the patriots against the British. They protested the Stamp Act early on by hanging a dummy of a British Tax Agent and throwing rocks through the windows of the tax collector's house. They were also involved in the Boston Tea Party. The Sons of Liberty movement spread throughout the colonies. The group in New York City was especially strong and used violent protests to scare loyalists...
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