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The Autobiography and other Writings of Benjamin Franklin:

In this autobiography about Benjamin Franklin I learned a lot of new material I did not know before. Mr. Franklin was born in Boston, MA. He was born on January 17, 1706. Benjamin is the youngest of five generations of youngest sons. He had 11 brothers and sisters. His father made soap and candles for a living. His mother raised the children. Ben went to school and finished in 1716. Though he would have liked to continue, his family was way too poor to afford tuition. He then went to work. Ben ended up working for his half brother James, who was a printer. Ben loved to read and write poetry so this seemed like the perfect job for him. When Ben quit working for his brothers because of some troubles he thought he would be able to find work with another printer in Boston, but his brother James secretly told everyone not to hire him. Ben then left Boston due to the fact there were no jobs for him in the area. I found out that Ben was very religious. His parents wanted him to be a minister but simply could not afford for him to become one. But come to find out in the book, we come to realize he was not religious. We are not too sure if he would have ever liked being a minister. He did believe that it was very important to be honest and diligent, to work hard and to always try to be a good person no matter what. Ben was very ambitious. It took him years to write this book to him son, which then later I cannot understand if he is still writing to his son or to someone else, then had a falling out with his son he was a loyalist. I also enjoyed how he talked about women and how they should be more involved. Most guys do not think that women should do what they do but Ben thought differently he wanted them to very much involve like every other person. He always helped smooth things over. Ben was the only guy that was not president to be on money, he is on the one hundred dollar bill. I was very surprised that...
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