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Autobiography Essay
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July 11, 2012
Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story
Gifted Hands is by and about Ben Carson, M.D. Ben Carson is one of the top rated surgeons in the medical profession. He’s known for being top prestigious and respected Pediatric Neurosurgeons in history. I selected Mr. Carson’s novel because he is happen to be one of the few very successful African Americans in the medical field. This novel is an inspiration to many readers who are aspiring to succeed to in a challenging profession, such as in this case the medical field.

Ben Carson started as a young troubled youth growing up in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up without a father made it hard for Carson and his family. His single mother was in a struggle to care for Ben and his older brother, Curtis. Even at a time they were living with the relatives while she went to get medical help. He begins to go down the wrong road of anger and is soon turned in the wrong direction. Thankfully he finds god and is on the right track to success. From then on, Ben stayed at the top of his class and also one of the smartest kids in his school. It stayed this way all through high school and up until college. He gets accepted into Yale thinking it was going to be easy. Unfortunately for him it was more of a challenge. This caught him off guard but he took this challenge with full stride. This showed Carson he had to work hard and study had if he was going to come out on top. These were the toughest 4 years for him , but he managed to pull through. Here he realizes his calling and sees that God has given him “Gifted Hands”.

Being black in his line of work was very rare at this time. He continuously got mistaken for something simple as a nurse. He was used to that reaction. During his studies, he moved to Australia, with his pregnant wife Candy, to further his education and to gain more experience. Doing that he gained far more experience than the average neurosurgeon. When he return he goes to work...
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