ben affleck as batman

Topics: Batman, Actor, Joker Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: January 10, 2014
Ben Affleck as Batman
The announcement about Ben Affleck playing the role of Batman has created intense discussions. The Batman movies have been highly praised for their action filled drama and most recently through the talented Christian Bale which captivated audiences. With such news recently announced, many fans have been disappointed over the decision of Ben Affleck playing Batman. Many believe that he is not a good choice based on his bad reviews as the Daredevil where he was said to lack the characteristics of a superhero. However, over the years he has gained recognition not only as a great actor but also as an award-winning director and producer. With this new found experience, Ben Affleck will better the legend of Batman and redeem himself as a great superhero. As the new Batman, Ben Affleck will continue the Batman legacy with his on-screen and off-screen skills. Although he has been scrutinized for his previous role as the Daredevil, there is potential for a great performance as Batman. Ben Affleck has proven himself as a knowledgeable filmmaker with his Oscar winning directing. As a director he has insights on how actors should fulfill their character’s role and knows what will grab the viewer’s attention. With this in mind, he himself knows how to embody a role therefore improving his own acting skills. As a well known actor he has the ability to attract movie goers. Regardless of the low expectations from people these qualities give him an advantage in transforming into the iconic Batman. Overall, Ben Affleck has improved greatly in the movie industry and has proven that he can become a superhero. With his experience in directing and many movie roles he will be a positive change to Batman. He will bring a new face and a new perspective to such a memorable hero. His performance may consequently change critic’s opinions and make the movie the next big blockbuster, fading away any doubt that he cannot be a superhero. Ben Affleck has the ability...
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