Below The Surface Revision

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Table of Contents
Preparation pg 1
Saying good bye pg 2
The Ceremony pg 3
Earth pg 4
Games pg 5
New Life pg 6

Jaycee was sitting in her room studying as always. Her room isn't what you think it would be. It is dark and dingy and very mysterious. It looks like there was a house fire, and it smells like mold and rotten garbage. In fact where she lives is very mysterious and smelly too. This is because her home is underneath the surface of the earth, in the year 3000 aliens attacked our planet, ever since they have attacked the earth they have been living underground. Their government talked to the aliens and made a deal every 1000 years there would be a competition. 10 humans and 10 aliens would compete to the death, and whichever side won would be able to live on the surface again. No human has been on the surface since the war. The government watches the kids throughout their whole life. They pick the kids by looking at the education as well as they're fighting skills. Jaycee has been studying her whole life. All she wants is to become the hero for her "world".
“Knock knock” her mother Julia was in the hallway.
“Come in.” said Jaycee
“I need to talk to you” her mother said.
“Are you ready for tomorrow?” (Tomorrow is the day that the government announces the 10 humans who will go and fight in the competition.)
“Mother, I have been working for this moment for my whole life I have a good feeling about it.” Said Jaycee
“Okay then, go to bed you will need your rest for tomorrow.” Said her mother


“Wake up honey.” Her mother said “it is your big day. You know what that means, time to get ready.”
Because of the shortage of water and many other daily supplies it is rare for people to wash up and get dressed up nice. But today is like no other day, today is the day that the government announces the humans going into the competition. Jaycee gladly washed up knowing that this is like no other

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