Beloved Meeting Amy analysis

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Her feet are beaten to a pulp, beyond recognition, by unforgiving earth. Her hands are bound, around her waist, cradling a child yet to be born. She is being assaulted by insects “from gnats to grasshoppers,” and in this time of greatest need, she comes across a girl who will save her. This story of Sethe meeting Amy during her escape from Sweet Home is comprised of fatigue as Toni Morrison depicts Sethe’s struggle on “two feet meant - for standing still.” The scene [begins] with Sethe traversing a landscape, in a sentence of extremely extended length, giving no rest between each destination, “past the storeroom… the cold house, the privy, the shed … the porch.” When she sank she knew not whether “she was in a hole or kneeling.” When she was in greatest distress, Amy had appeared. Amy’s character was a direct comparison to Huckleberry Finn, the way she dressed like “the raggediest trash you ever saw”, the situation she found herself in – helping out a runaway slave, and her mention of huckleberries. Running through fatigue, red flashes before her. The color of red is also a strong overtone in this section. Throughout, things are described as red like the “bloody side of the Ohio” or the velvet that Amy was searching for. Red is not only the symbol for fire and blood, escaping the living hell that was to the south of the Ohio River, but it is also the sign of warmth and compassion. In fact, the red of the velvet Amy wants is carmine, which historically had been recognized as the color of a soothing ointment, used in many different healing purposes. This is exactly what Amy helps Sethe do, accompanies her and leads her to a place of relative comfort. And when in safety, her eyes can rest. Throughout the section, Morrison makes mention of the dance between their eyes which are “slow-moving” and caring. These two fugitives, travelling with no one else to relate to, find each other and provide each other company. When Amy first appeared to her, Sethe had been ready...
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