Belonging Through Various Contexts, the Crucible and the Incredibles

Topics: Brad Bird, Salem witch trials, Family Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: February 4, 2012
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Belonging is broken up into categories to shape its meaning. An individual may be perceived by various people as belonging or not belonging to a certain group, and this is influenced by the context of the given situation. This may be investigated through the Personal, Social and Cultural contexts of Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” and the film, directed by Brad Bird, “The Incredibles”. In Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible”, cultural contexts shape the perceptions of belonging and not belonging by using religion to divide the community. In “The Crucible” Arthur Miller shows Salem to be a highly religious town, and throughout the play there is fear of individuality and free will. This fear leads to the exclusion of Salemites who cannot conform. The division of the town is laid out in Danforth’s statement “you are either with the court, or considered against us. There is no road in between”. The metaphor of the ‘road’ divides the people of Salem based on their level of Puritanism. You must be a weekly church going Puritan, or you are not part of the religion and therefore the town. Religion is essentially the most powerful sense of belonging throughout the play; therefore how much you belong in Salem is based on how puritan you are. Through analysis of the Par family in “The Incredibles”, belonging through familial context is dependent on the health of individual family relationships. The relationship between Bob and his wife Helen is unstable at the beginning, involving a lot of deceit. Bob has been doing superhero work behind Helens back and when she finds out she tells Bob “Reliving the glory days is a very bad thing” belonging is deficient and is shown through no music on a bland, very dull picture structure then it is juxtaposed to a bright, colourful sunset and loud music in the background. This shows that the belonging and relationship between Bob and Helen is boring and dull. The expectations and judgments of society impact whether an...
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