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English speech
Has there ever been a point in your life where you been in a situation feeling as if you don’t belong? Belonging is like you are accepted, respected and capable to adjust because of similar culture, groups and, nationality. Belonging is where your heart wants to be. Within the rainbows end by Jane Harrison and skin by Anthony Fabian the author presents the different degree of belonging and not belonging through the use of different technique and visual elements.

In rainbow’s end, the author uses different types of technique to explore the sense of belonging about Aboriginal People. One is obviously the aboriginal heritage and values that we read in the play. Another is the importance of belonging to a particular group within that culture, such as the people down the flats. Another is family and the association that go up with the concept.

Similarly in skin the composer explores the idea of belonging. The main character Sandra who was born in white family appears to be black so she is facing many difficulties and her parents were also having hard time to accept her. But after an apartheid she finally realise where she belongs. And got the citizen ship of South African country.

In rainbows end Errol doesn’t understand what the importance of family is to dolly until the end of the play When he says” I realize i was wrong. For example, I will come up here, if you want, because where you belong and your family is important to you and me. (Pg. 93). This realization underlines the importance of family to dolly and dear banks family in general. This clarify the belonging to family is important belonging to groups is important. Similarly in skin Sandra doesn’t belong to school groups because of coloured .more worryingly is the attitude of the head master who states, “Sandra doesn’t belong here,” she doesn’t belong to white society later on she was expel from the school. Belonging is part of life for the satisfaction of life but Sandra...
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