Belonging: Semantics and Builds Self-confidence

Topics: Semantics, Feeling, Emphasis Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: October 8, 2010
In your view, which of your related texts most strongly represents the idea of Belonging. Explain your view with reference to TWO of the collected texts.
A sense of belonging can emerge from the connections made with people, group or a community. To connect with others we have to assimilate, we have to act and behave like those who we wish to associate with. From feeling connected and belonging we feel valued and accepted by others as social human beings. There are also implications from not belonging, our inability to connect can lead to isolation, alienation, vulnerability and dislocated from society. These ideas are explored in The Island by Armin Greder and the article Sense of belonging builds self-confidence by Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

In The Island the nakedness of the man symbolises the insecurity and vulnerability of not belonging, this is also explored in the article Sense of belonging builds self-confidence, with references to ‘alone’ and ‘by yourself’. Imagery is also used in The Island with the contrast of the large bulk residents and the small man to symbolise the powerlessness in not belonging. Also the imagery of the young children bullying the isolated boy is used to convey the idea of powerlessness in not belonging, it also represents the societies values being passed on to their children.

A major theme in both texts is that when we don’t fit in we become isolated, separated and alienated from others. In Sense of belonging builds self-confidence this is explored through the simile “wishing you were somewhere else, like on another planet”, this exaggerates to emphasises how not belonging can make us feel isolated. Throughout The Island the man is contrasted against a white background with no other people or surroundings in close proximity, this is used to show how not belonging can make us isolated.

In Sense of belonging builds self-confidence there are references to “connections”, “accepted”, “valued” and “community”, It...
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