Belonging: Poetry and Sense

Topics: Poetry, Perception, Culture Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: August 19, 2011
Through studying belonging, one can recognise that acceptance and understanding of one’s cultural and racial differences can enhance the sense of belonging, although a lack of understanding prevents it. Peter Skryznecki’s poem “Feliks Skryznecki” and Tom McCarthy’s film “The Visitor” are two texts which explore these ideas. The composers of the text use techniques such as contrasting imagery to convey both these ideas. Through studying these two texts my understanding of the concept of belonging has widened, as I have come to recognise and understand of how and what shapes and enhances one’s sense of belonging.

Tom McCarthy’s film ’The Visitor’ explores the issues relating to identity, belonging and racial and cultural differences. The film establishes how and enhanced sense of belonging can result from acceptance and understanding of differences. The film follows 3 characters Walter a forlorn widower and a couple of illegal immigrants Zainab and Tarek. Unusually for Walter’s character he forms a relationship with the two illegal immigrants, who one of which is threatened with deportation by U.S. immigration authorities. Through the film we watch ‘Walter,’ the films central character, gradually accepting differences enabling his character to form and shape an enriched sense of belonging. The viewer notices this when we see Walter, whose character usually holds back from new experiences and others, begins to enter the foreign world of Tarek and his girlfriend Zainab, who in nearly every way are different to him culturally, religiously and racially. The viewer then understands that his new friendship with them has enhanced his sense of belonging. McCarthy establishes this idea through the long-shot scene of Walter joining in with an African drumming group in the Washington Square Park with Tarek. A deepened sense of belonging can outcome from relationships based on differences is perceived in Tom McCarthy’s film “The Visitor”. As the viewer we notices Walter’s...
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