Belonging: Mother and Main Marking Criteria

Topics: Mother, Sound, Ear Pages: 3 (1281 words) Published: July 21, 2010
Belonging Creative Writing Deafness
The hand ticked monotonously around the watch, its staggered movement constantly pushing its smaller brother forward. The window was open, and a cool breeze fluttered through, ruffling the white curtains. The corner of the curtain nicked a calculator on the table and it fell with a metallic crash. However, the boy sitting at the edge of the table never moved. It was only when he turned around and saw the broken calculator with a nail protruding out that he bent to pick up the pieces. Suddenly the door to his bedroom opened and his mother came in. Without uttering a sound, she shaped her fingers into the desired word - SPECIALIST, NOW. The boy nodded and followed his mum out. It was a silent world. Ever since he was a child, Adam lived in total muteness. Vehicles flashing past by or the crash of a dish on the floor never got a response out of him. Even loud foghorns or thunder didn’t illicit a reaction. With every step he took he would look around because he had almost been in an accident. Crossing the road, he didn’t hear the loud horns of a truck that has lost its braking system. If it wasn’t for his over-protective mother, he would not be here now. What would it be like to hear? What was sound like? He longed to hear it. He never really minded the silence since he had always been like this but more than once did he wish what it was like to hear music or even a tiny sound. The quiet can be nice and relaxing but it was boring. The texture of sounds was never there for him. Although he had great sight and touch because of the loss of one sense, he wanted to explore reality with noise, whether it be explosions, crashes or songs. The white halls of the clinic stretched and at the end stood the specialist’s office. Although it looked new, David saw the scratches on the portraits, the faint colorization of the walls and the pen mark on the secretary’s navy clothing. The boy’s silent reality was about to be swamped by...
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