Belonging: Girl Interrupted. Lisa and Susanna

Topics: Borderline personality disorder, Personality disorder, Emotion Pages: 4 (1555 words) Published: July 31, 2010
Essay Question:
Compare and contrast Lisa and Susanna’s characters in the film. How do the film techniques used reflect how they belong (or not belong) in the outside world? Lisa and Susanna’s characters in the film are very different even though some aspects of their personality are slightly similar. The film techniques used give us a better idea of how each of their personality is portrayed. Lisa and Susanna both have a disorder and see the world in a different perspective which highlights what kind of person they are and show us the disorder they are suffering through their actions and dialogue. Susanna is confused as she has borderline personality disorder. Her personality is also somewhat eccentric at times although there is another side to her that shows us sensitivity and how she thinks about the world in great dept. She does not quite understand her disorder which makes her think that she is pretty normal and in no need of any specific medical attention and she gets frustrated when people mention about her disorder and begins to question herself sometimes. We see this particularly towards the middle of the film where she is starting to see and accept the fact that she has a disorder. She is constantly on a rollercoaster of emotions and feels like she is travelling back and forth in time due to her borderline personality. We see through specific scenes when Susanna and her boyfriend are together, that Susanna is using her boyfriend and does not feel the same way towards John as he feels about her. Her definition of love is much different. Unless it is not love she was looking for in him. She was constantly manipulating him, making him think that their relationship meant something when she was just being promiscuous. Susanna’s clothing and style is less feminine than other girls. We can see this as her costuming reflects it. Her haircut is also cut short which symbolises rebellion and we can see that she does not want to conform to people in the society....
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