Belonging essay, peter skyryznecki

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Belonging is a determination of one’s identity through relationships that build understanding; perceptions of belonging vary through people. This can nourish the individuals sense of belonging and a lack of understanding can prevent the extent of an individual’s understanding or lack of it, these ideas are explored in, Peter Skryznecki’s ‘Immigrant Chronicle’ particularly the poems ‘Feliks Skryznecki’ and ’10 Mary Street’, also in Tim Winton’s short story ‘neighbours’ and the animated film ‘the lost thing’ by Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhmann. Skryznecki’s poem ‘Feliks Skryznecki’ explores the concept of a man’s belonging is determined by relationships that build understanding. Skryznecki’s culturally independent father chooses to separate himself from a blended community and keep a relationship with a garden “loved his garden like a only child” that represents his homeland in Poland. His strong connection with his garden shows his choice to not have a relationship with Australian culture but instead seek solace in his isolated world. Skyrznecki outlines the connection of the man and his garden with the use of hyperbole “swept its paths ten times around the world” and “years walking its perimeter”. Skryznecki uses italics as a hint of dislocation between him and his father “the formal address I never got used to” the relationship between Skryznecki loses touch with his father as he begins to lose touch with his polish culture and begins to form a relationship with his Australian culture “forgot my first polish word”, this separates Skryznecki and his father drawing them further apart over time although his father aspired his son to keep the relationship with his polish culture “repeated it so I never forgot” and keep his relationship with his father. ‘10 Mary Street’ provides readers with the insight of Skryznecki's relationships with his family and his home. The relationship between the family and the home is shown through Skryznecki's use of imagery of...
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