Belonging: Connotation and 4-framed Cartoon Patriotism

Topics: Connotation, English-language films, Australia Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: October 13, 2010
“Gaining a sense of ‘belonging’ is a universal need but an individual quest, which some achieve and some do not”. Discuss this statement in relation to your prescribed text and two other related texts. The texts “Immigrant chronicles” composed by Peter Skrzynecki, the article “Coming Home” By John Van Tiggelan and the 4-framed cartoon “Patriotism” illustrated by Cathy Wilcox, all develop an idea of how belonging is not only a common need but an individual’s mission that may or may not be attained in society. Each text develops understanding for the notions of alienation, nationalistic pride and the concept of ‘home’ through the use of several distinct elements that portray thorough meaning in relation to belonging in Australian society. The universal idea of ‘home’ is a place of love, security and comfort, and the texts ’10 Mary Street’ and ‘Coming Home’ suggest diverse experiences of this notion. In ’10 Mary street’, the physical and physiological concepts of their home and heritage becomes significant through the use of personification in “House stands with its china blue coat”. Skrzynecki portrays his family’s ever-lasting connection to their heritage through the extensive use of description and listing in “Visitors who ate Kielbasa...raw vodka and cherry Brandi” in relation to their Polish foods. The garden is a key symbol of the love that the Skrzynecki’s also had for their home and heritage, shown through the simile “Like adopted children”, which supports that these migrants gain a sense of belonging through the nurture oftheir home and garden. The juxtaposition and negative connotations of the word “hum-drum” contrasted with “tended roses and camellias”, shows their lack of interest towards their career as they feel no need to be accepted socially at a day of normal migrants labour work. This is opposed to their feelings of love and care they show toward their garden. Furthermore to the concept of ‘home’, Tiggelan generates the idea that protagonist...
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