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Belonging is achieved by many paths.

Belonging is a fundamental desire inherent within humans. However, there are various ways to attain a sense of belonging as it can be gained through the forging of relationships to people and places or through the understanding and sharing of similar cultural and religious identities. In Tate Taylor‘s film “The Help”, Peter Skrzynecki’s poem “Feliks Skrzynecki” and “Migrant Hostel”, regardless of whether people attempt to discover belonging under the biased American social context in 1963 or under immigration boom in Post War Australia, the paths lead toward belonging are significantly explored through the actions undertaken by the characters either to maintain one’s belonging or to establish a new sense of belonging.

Undoubtedly, a powerful sense of belonging can be attained through a person’s connection to places and the strong human relationships. In Feliks Skrzynecki, Feliks’s desire to maintain his belonging to his Polish heritage is achieved through his connection with his garden as he “loved his garden like an only child”, the simile compares the garden with his child which emphases his familial and intimate relationship with his garden and his home. The garden is a symbol of his Polish identity/autonomy, consequently this strong affiliation with his Polish culture empowers his preservation of belonging to Poland. Likewise, Feliks’ companionship with his Polish friends is highlighted in the subject of their conversation “about farms where paddocks flowered with corn and wheat, horses they bred..” the agricultural imagery creates a real picture of the Polish farming lifestyles, and reinforces that their friendships is established based on common interests and cultural identity , which further strengthen his sense of belonging to his homeland.

Similarly, the way to gain a sense of belonging through forging relationships is also exposed in “The Help”. Celia as a newcomer of Jackson struggles to find belonging...
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