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Belonging essay-

Q: How does the composer use techniques to convey belonging?

Belonging gives a strong sense of identity. It colours who we are and what we belong to. Belonging gives a sense of safety amongst our friends and family. Famous 19th century poet John Clare- ‘Self identity is one of the first principles in everybody’s life. Self identity defines who we are and what we have become.

This essay will discuss the main issues involved with belonging and use texts from the poet Peter Skrzynecki, the movie The Devil Wears Prada and lastly the song somewhere I belong by Linkin Park. Peter Skrynecki’s poems reflect a sense of belonging through many different ways and in many different contexts such as family, school and belonging to the land. In Skrynecki’s poems there are many different aspects of belonging partly to do with him migrating from Poland.

Feliks Skrzynecki is a poem by Peter Skrzynecki that explores the relationship he has with his father. Their sense of belonging to the new land and contrasting experiences are explored throughout this poem. In the first stanza Peter Skrzynecki talks about his father’s personality. The line ‘Kept pace only with the Joneses of his own mind’s making’ suggests that his father sets his own standards as he is his own man. The second stanza explains Feliks physical description. Visual imagery is used when it says ‘Hands darkened from cement, fingers with cracks’. It shows how hardworking he is it also show images of hard labouring work. The third stanza talks about Peter Skrzynecki’s sense of non belonging compared to his dad it says ‘His polish friends always shook hands too violently, I thought’ also ‘That formal address I never got used to’. Another thing Peter has wrote was ‘His polish friends talking about how they reminisced about farms where paddocks flowered’. This shows Feliks strong cultural identity with his polish friends and that he has a spiritual connection to the country that shaped him....
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