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Daniel DeLuck
Dr. Joseph
In Regards to Bellow’s view on reading

Upon completion of reading Saul Bellow’s view on what is happing to reading, I think it’s safe to say that Bellow does not want to believe reading is becoming a thing of the past. Technology is rapidly advancing, which will lead to less books, and more EBooks, Movies, and reading from a device. Terry Teachout predicts that technology will take over future generations. Generations will depend on technology for everyday life, like reading from their smart phones or watching a movie that was based on a novel instead of reading it. Teachout supports his claim by saying "For Americans under the age of thirty, film has replaced the novel as the dominant mode of artistic expression," (13). He also adds this to prove a point that popular novelist “top out at around a million copies per book, the final episode of NBC's Cheers, by contrast, was seen by forty two million people." (13) Generations from now, books will only be a distant memory while they sit and enjoy watching movies.

With technology rapidly advancing, sitting down and taking the time to read for an extended period of time has become an inconvenience to most people. People nowadays are reading less because of technology and its ease of use. When people want something, they want it fast and on the spot. That’s why technology is such a huge influence on today’s culture. With technology, everything is so much easier to access. It could take you seconds to pull up a movie on your phone with today’s technology. Less Americans result to reading, in fact, "according to one recent study 55 percent of Americans spend less than thirty minutes reading anything at all."(14) Reading is important and people need to be reading more. Reading is very important to us, it is how we learn and expand our minds. Writers express themselves through writing books for us to read and make connections with. So much can be taught by opening a...

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