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Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward: 2000-1887 focuses on a man of the nineteenth century, Julian West, who awakens in the year 2000 after sleeping for 113 years. When Julian West wakes up in the year 2000, he discovers that the capitalist society in which he had previously lived has been eradicated and transformed into a socialist society where the problems of his era no longer exist . Throughout the novel, Edward Bellamy addresses the hardships of a society stricken by economic turmoil and social injustice by introducing a utopian society that eliminates unequal distributions of wealth, war, greed, starvation and malevolence. This utopian society features an economic structure that has consolidated multiple corporations into a single conglomerate controlled by the government, in which citizens are positioned in jobs based on their interest and skill set. Each person contributes to, and shares in the spoils of, a collective industrial system. Instead of money, citizens are given equal amounts of credit, which they can use on any purchase of their choosing however if an individual is unable to handle the credit that is allocated to them, the individual will be given less credit. In the book, Bellamy's vision for economic equality and individual freedom comes from enforcing universal education while providing everyone with the same opportunities. He describes a system that uses incentives such as adjustments to labor hours and forms of rewards through medals and honors to motivate individuals to work hard however I find that Bellamy does not consider individual differences and nature.

Edward Bellamy's idea that if incentives and

The equal distribution of property leads to what Bellamy sees as a vastly morally improved society without money and without private enterprises. In this society, people work for pride rather than for money. In addition, the patriotic desire to serve the government and the common good has replaced the profit motive. Whereas the...
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