Bella Italia

Topics: Italian cuisine, Pizza, Naples Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: February 25, 2015

Bella Italia Pizzeria Ristorante is an Italian restaurant that sells traditional flavors of Italy and it just started on 2012. It located at Batam Island, Indonesia that near ferry terminal. Hence, the tourist who just arrive Batam can go and take a look, try their traditional and special Italian dish. I can guarantee that their dish is really awesome! First thing I know about Italy is their famous pizza. Undoubtedly, Bella Italia has many types of great pizza. Such as Hawaiian pizza, Vegetariana pizza, Bella Italian pizza and other special pizza. I have try Hawaiian pizza once; it is a thin layer of pizza with ham, tomato sauce, cheese and pineapple. Other than that, spaghetti really taste special. Although the name of the dishes on the menu make me confused, but I feel relieved there has listed down the ingredients of the all dishes. The price is very acceptable, as the cheapest price of spaghetti almost need Rp55,000 (around $6 dollars) and pizza is need Rp35,000 (around $4). But in Singapore, the price for spaghetti is around $12 to $18 and for one pizza is around $12 to $14. So, it is really inexpensive and has so much great food in Bella Italian. However, they are really good in delivery services. I have order quite many times, and they are always sent the food on time and the food was still warm. I’m really like their service. On the other hand, they are located around ferry terminal and there have many tourists will walk through it. However, their design is very simple and relax style which they are using bamboo material chairs and a normal wood table with a white tablecloth. Moreover, there is fully air-conditioned place so the customers can enjoy their meal with a comfortable and happy mood. I have saw many good side comments and articles are discussing about Bella Italia. One of the articles was talking about their experience in Bella Italian. A marriage couple was coming to Batam have their holidays and they have did their research about Batam...

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