Bell Hooks: A Renowned African-American Feminist and Author

Topics: African American, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: March 25, 2014
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Bell Hooks is a renowned African-American feminist and author. In her book, Salvation, she tries to expose and critically examine problems for blacks...dealing with the intra-social fibers within their community. Amongst all of her clearly thought out books, four of her most critical thoughts are presented in Salvation. Her thoughts are entwined within four chapters: “The Heart of the Matter”, “We Wear the Mask”, “The Issue of Self-Love”, and “Valuing Ourselves Rightly”. All four of these chapters encompass her message that black love is malnourished in some way, shape or form. Overall, she seems to present good concepts, but she makes very basic mistakes that destroy her path to her conclusion and its validity.

In her chapter, “The Heart of the Matter”, Bell Hooks presents a relatively sound conclusion(s): "The transformative power of love is the foundation of all meaningful social change" and "Love is profoundly political". However, she faulted on one of her premises in supporting her conclusion(s). Bell Hooks asserts a supporting premise that evokes a flaw in Martin Luther King Jr.'s Civil Rights strategy. Much of King's focus on love as the fundamental principle that should guide the freedom struggle was directed toward upholding his belief in nonviolence. While he admonished black people again and again to recognize the importance of loving our enemies, of not hating white people, he did not give as much attention to the issue of self-love and communal love among black people;...(Pg.7) Bell Hooks states that love was the fundamental guide for Martin Luther King Jr. but ignores the very reason as to why love for him is the fundamental guide. Bell Hooks simply makes a claim as she asserts that Martin Luther King Jr. preached about the importance of loving our enemies, she neglects to present the other half. The other half involves the foundation to Martin Luther King's thought process on everything, how he interacts with the world; this half is...
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