Bell Hooks Analysis

Topics: Social class, Social status, Sociology Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: October 20, 2009
By continuing her education at Stanford bell hooks experienced things that only an education can provide, from different social status to keeping ties with her community and her heritage even though she went far in her studies. Education changed bell hooks life in many ways from the experiences at Stanford having her values collide with others values, being introduced to the intellectual circles and having others try to press upon her their beliefs . By going to Stanford to continue her education, bell hooks experienced a different values and beliefs of other people. When bell hooks went to Stanford, she got a culture shock. The students talked bad about their parents and they said that they hated them. The students would complain about not having this nor that but bell was taught by her parents to appreciate every and anything her parents did for her. Hearing how the some of the students felt about their patents shattered her belief that everyone was raised to respect their parents.” For example, I was profoundly shocked and disturbed when peers would talk about their parents without respect or even say that they hated their parents. It was explained to me that this hatred was “healthy and normal.’’ By continuing her education at Stanford, she was able experience a different side of the social class that was in the world. Having experienced this it made bell hooks want to study in class differences. By studying class differences, bell hooks would be able to understand why this person is rich and the other is poor. Considering mostly privileged students where the ones disrespecting their parents by talking about them. Being around intellectuals has its benefits, by having constant interaction with those whose intelligence matches their own or just by being known as one. By continuing her education bell hooks was introduced into the academic circle. Bell Hooks would present various speeches at colleges and different events. When bell hooks was at Northwestern...
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