Bell Curve Appraisal Tool

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Bell Curve Appraisal Tool - Tweaked

Before the implementation of the Bell Curve Appraisal System, Please ensure the following,

a) Use of objective parameters for the performance appraisal system.

b) Determine the reason for poor performance of the employee if there is any.

c) Let the employee take responsibility for improved and only offer your assistance if needed.

d) Document all the performance related discussions with the employee because generally the bell curve system attracts a lot of law suits by fired employees in the west and hence its better to have all the discussions documented for your and your company's safety.

Now the following came across to me during a discussion with a friend, he used to work for ABB and hence the practise followed by ABB is just awesome a smart solution to the bell curve appraisal system.

The main business strategy of ABB all over the world is customer focus. It aims to achieve it through TQM, time-based management and supply management. ABB has four business segments in India comprising about 30 independent business areas. Each business area operates like an independent company with its own strategic plans and budgets. Teamwork is central to the achievement of ABB's strategy. Traditionally, ABB's performance appraisal system focused on individual performance and results, and its compensation system rewarded high performers. Although eminently logical, this system of appraisal and compensation discouraged teamwork, which was the prime requirement for a customer-focused strategy. ABB has changed its appraisal and compensation system to foster teamwork. There are nine aspects to the current system: -

Change of nomenclature: The present system is called the developmental appraisal, not performance appraisal. This emphasizes the role of appraisal in promoting individual learning and development.

Planning the job for the following year: This provides role clarity and builds a common understanding...
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