Belize's Economic Situation

Topics: Law, Economics, Andes Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: March 2, 2006
Belize, and many of its neighboring countries, is plagued by economic stagnancy. In the last twenty years, economic growth has been close to zero, which means the average adult in Belize, and its surrounding countries has seen no income improvement in their lifetimes. Distribution of justice in our country is also a problem. The law is readily available to the wealthy, but is practically unattainable to the poor. Another social issue is unemployment which is at a staggering twelve percent. This could be explained by the lack of education in our country.

Belize strongly agrees with the need to reform social systems like the distribution of education, for rich and poor alike, healthcare, and justice systems all need attention. Belize understands that these actions require a pressing, concrete solution. We would greatly benefit from strong, effective institutions in the Andean region. We stand to benefit from provincial trading associates and by the stemmed hostility and volatility presently linked to our region. The security effects of the violence in this country is observed by our neighbors, and consequently we have a vested concentration in seeing permanence brought to the Andes.

There is no one resolution for our country, but many solutions are necessary in order to effectively stimulate the economy in our country. It would be most excellent to distinguish the core of many social tribulations and find an overall resolution, or target individual problems and have customized, individual solutions for the troubles. Our economy also needs much stimulation. Some ways to do this might be to generate private investment from foreign countries by constructing some type of enticement. If they have a chance to make money, they will come. In addition, citizens, and business owners should be competent to set up innovative businesses, or develop their old businesses in an endeavor to stimulate the economy. Educating the people of our country could go hand-in-hand...
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